Feeding 6 month old


9am* 8oz bottle, 2tbs cereal, 2tbs fruit baby food... 1pm* 8oz bottle, 2tbs cereal, 2 tbs vegi baby food... 5pm* 8oz bottle, 2 tbs cereal, 2tbs cereal, 2tbs vegi and or meat baby food... 9pm* 8oz bottle... 5am* 4oz bottle (during growing spurts). is this to much? to little? share your feedings. she started eatting solids at 4 months (with the doctors go ahead) Month 4 it was just 1 feeding of cereal and baby food at lunch with her bottle. Month 5 it was 2 feedings of cereal and babyfood. once at lunch and once dinner time with her bottle.