my crazy birth story!


so this may be a long story, but a crazy one! I was scheduled to be induced on 6/10 at 4am with cervadil. the labor nurse decided to skip the cervadil and go straight to pitocin as I was already 2 cm dialated. after 5 hours on pitocin I was making little progress, so my doctor said to go back to original plan of cervadil. we had to wait an hour after pitocin to do that and after and two four hour doses of cervadil I was 4 cm dialated but not having constant contractions. doctor decided to give me two ambien, let me rest and start pitocin in the morning. they attempted to give me an epidural but I freaked out and moved to much so I couldn't get it. but baby had other plans, I awoke up about 2 am with my water breaking and totally hallucinating. seeing things I knew weren't there. the only thing I remember after that is the doctor in between my legs telling up me to push and after only two pushs Ivy Rose was born! I don't remember most of it and my family said I was totally talking non sense and we even breastfed and I don't remember any of it!