Had A Baby

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My sister had her baby boy.... he came early at 36 week 5 pounds 11oz and he didn’t even stay in the hospital for any extra time πŸ’™ just blessed. Her other son bday party was this passed weekend making my nephew in this picture five days oldπŸ’™ she was able to throw her other son a party and plan it and make sure it was all together five days after giving birth naturally. So for my nephews birthday party;so that my sister could make sure he had a good birthday I was with my newest nephew all day. He was such a good baby. All I could think about was that my baby girl would be here in four months πŸ’• and I can’t wait. The party went great; and at the end my sister said thank you for looking after him I said your welcome she a winner to me she now has a 7yr old girl a 5yr old girl a 4yr old boy and now a 7day old baby boy; and she pulled off a party πŸ™ŒπŸ½