i dont want to seem crazy.

ok i need some advice. so earlier today my bf and i were supposed to hang out. i texted him 15 minutes before the set time of meeting just to make sure we still going through with it. No answer. so i called him maybe like 15 mintues after the meet up time just see whats up. no answer. ive called him a few times now and still now answer. and now when i call him it sends me straight to voicemail. at first i was angry that he stood me up but now im starting to get worried. like is he ok? is his family ok? did something happen thats why he doesnt want to talk rn? a part of me wants to drive over to his house (1hour drive) just to see whats up but i dont want to seem crazy. is it crazy if i drive up to see whats going on? what should i do?