New addition


My fiance was on his way to pick me up after he got off work and ended up behind this guy in his car and watched him throw a kitten out his car window while still driving. My fiance spent an hour trying to find the kitten in trees and bushes but didnt have any luck. When he got me he told me what happened and we went back and looked for another hour. I heard meowing but everytime I'd get close to the kitten she'd stop meowing and hid even more. We left for a bit then came back because I did not want to give up on this kitten. Luckily enough we saw her and had to corner her against a couple rocks she backed into. When my fiance grabbed her, she bit and clawed the crap out of him. I grabbed her by the back of her neck as if a mom cat would and held her up to my chest. She calmed down and started purring. I'm still trying to get her to know she's safe now and nothing is going to hurt her again. We took her to the vet yesterday and they said she looked good, she just has a small cold. We plan on getting her shots and fixed by next week. Meet Lucky😊❤

UPDATE: Lucky is still a little scared of fast movements but has come a long way within 3 days. She's running around and playing with all her toys. She's obsessed with catnip, which is pretty funny. This is the best picture I got out of the video I took.