4 days of positive OPKs!!?? Help!

Amber β€’ Grieving my 4th Miscarriage - 3/11/21 πŸ’” Aubrey Grace was born 9-3-19. 7lbs 9oz. πŸ’—πŸŒˆπŸŒˆ Gavin Michael was born 8-26-17. 9lbs 3oz. πŸ’™

Hi ladies. I miscarried on May 1st at 6 weeks. I ovulated 15 days after that (confirmed with opks) and got my period 2 weeks from that day. On Saturday, I got my first positive OPK this cycle at my usual time. Well, every day since, they’ve stayed positive! Usually my surge is 24 hours if that... anyone know what could be happening, or why my surge has been so long?? Really want to conceive our rainbow... 🀞🏼🌈 sex last night was painful and I had cramps so I think I may have ovulated? But I’m definitely confused... has this happened to any of you?

4 days of blazing + OPKs... and I’m talking like every test, every 4 hours!