Feeling at a lost with BFN

berry • Mama to H 💚🌱👶🏻

I had my period last month on may 13th for about 4 days. I use the pink pad app to calculate my cycle and it says my average cycle is 34 days.

Recently I’ve been using ovia to calculate my fertility and even though multiple apps have predicted my ovulation date as June 2nd ovia was the only who said I still had a chance after my expected ovulation date of June 2nd with fertility score of 10. To conceive on June 5th with a fertility score of 7.5. (Scores of 7 and higher mean a higher chance of conception) I have had sex June 5th up until the 11th multiple times a day each ending in him cumming inside me.

I do not know for sure which day I ovulated tbh. Ovia said I could take a test on the 16th of June which is the day of my expected period but me being me I decided to take an early pregnancy test 4 days before my expected period and of course it was negative. Not sure if I tested too early or if it’s gonna be negative either way.

Even though I don’t think I was expecting for it to be positive I was still hoping for a miracle. I’ve been having flu/cold like symptoms such as sore throat, hot flashes where I would sweat and I mean SWEAT when I would sleep but I’m pretty sure I’m just sick. I’m a baby when it comes to being sick and want to take medicine as soon as possible but thinking there is Even a possibility of me being pregnant has me not even touching medicine just in case it’s harmful to the baby’s development.

But aside from that I’ve been light headed, nauseous, and had little to no appetite which I started experiencing a few days after sex. These symptoms aren’t intense enough for me to know exactly whether they’re pregnancy related but I’m going to test on the 17th which is the day after my expected period in hopes for a positive.

I’ve been very emotional lately even though I’m already an emotional person and I’ve been experiencing slight cramps off and on. I’ve also had gas (which is nothing new I guess lmao) but ive also been constipated even when I’ve been eating healthier or even feel like I have to poop. I’m just scared and just really hope that I am pregnant. Even though my bf and I weren’t accurately calculating my fertile days this month I still assumed I was fertile some how because each time we had sex my cervical mucus was watery and my cervix high but I can never directly tell whether my cervix is open or not.

I know this was a long post but I’d appreciate the feedback thanks