Late and Confused!


Hey there ladies! I need some input here so let me start with a little back story. I'm hypothyroid for starters and for the last few months my cycle had been really off as you can see from my calendar. I was taken off of birth control a little over a month ago the week before my last period ended. I had been on birth control for the last 6.5 years. since my cycles were so off my gyno recommended stopping BC to get back in a normal groove.

Typically. aside from the last 2 months, I've been regular on a 28 day cycle. I've tracked my period on 3 different apps and all 3 give me different things. Glo says I'm 12 days late but I believe that's based off when my normal period would've been and not this last one. If I'm going off of the last cycle I'm 5 days late. I have slight dizziness, cramps,

constipation, weird tummy twinges, and a strange metallic taste in my mouth. I've taken a few tests but all are negative. Could I be pregnant or do you think this is just the hormones trying to get back in order? I just can't tell since the last few "periods" were so frequent and now I'm late.

My husband and I weren't actively trying but we aren't exactly being careful either. We would be thrilled to have a little on the way. in full disclosure my husband did ejaculate on the day it says I ovulated. sorry if TMI. what do ya'll think? Help a girl out!