bipolar & pregnant.... looking for some advice

Emily • Momma to Miss Emma!

I was diagnosed bipolar in Feb 2017 and see a psychiatrist regularly. I came off of meds 4 months ago when we started TTC because I was in the lowest dose and didn't want to risk it. My doctor has been keeping tabs on me and I see him every 4 weeks and things seem to be good... until tonight. I know pregnancy comes with an emotional rollercoaster due to hormones but I'm having trouble if knowing if this is pregnancy related or bipolar related. I've been really sick today and I'm exhausted and overwhelmed with feel poorly, and my response has been to cry about it... a lot. any other mommas out there that were unmedicated for bipolar disorder while pregnant? Any advice you could give on how I can tell the emotional differences so I don't let it go too far?