this morning i took a test

Felicia • I am one day hoping to have my own little one but I have had a few hiccups along the way. *fingers crossed*💜👶
this morning i took a test... almost forgot had to stop peeing to do so.... instantly i could see the fluid moving across the standard test and all of a sudden there it was that bright blue almost black vertical line creating a positive indicator. i am so excited as i have wanted to concieve for many years with no result... i have told my boyfriend and a handful of friends but cant help but be nervous... in november i was diagnosed with PCOS... i was then prescribed BC but had a major surgery followed by months of financial hardship and was unable to get the BC... well now here we are... im only scared because i feel like i dont deserve this and that its going to be taken away from me either by being a false positive or having a miscarriage. im 26 and ready to be a mommy but im so scared after 8 years of struggles.