Should family(grandparents in this case) get a day in you having more kids?


Should family(immediate or in-law) get a say in wether or not you try for more kids??

My husband and I have one daughter and are pregnant with baby girl #2. I’ve already said multiple times I’ll be getting my tubes tied after baby comes and we are done.

Now that I’m coming due very soon it’s becoming more of a reality for them. Anyways it came up again today that I’m getting my tubes tied, and she proceeded to tell me how unfair it was that I wouldn’t have a 3rd so I could try and give them a grandson. She was really heavily trying to convince me that I need to have a 3rd to please her and my FIL.

I thought it was ridiculous that they would even think they get a say in my reproduction.

So what do you guys think? Should family get a say in you and your partner trying for more kids?

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