Distance and a terrible texter


I love my fiancé to bits no one can ever tell me I don’t. However that doesn’t at all make it any better that me and my fiancé have been apart for 6 weeks and have another 8 weeks to go until we see each other and he is the worlds WORST TEXTER! 😒 he will respond all half assed and then not respond for over an hour and then I’ll text him and say “if you’re busy we can just talk later” and he’ll be confused like “why are you upset” because you big adorable dummy you left me on read and didn’t respond for hours! I love you but I miss you and I need attention!

It’s not that hard to send a text hun! What do I do to deal with this? HELP

But for the record I’ll just say when we are on the phone it’s amazing and he’s completely attentive but we can’t even call until the end of the night