What is with him??? Is this even right?

So I’m confused....

This guy I’m seeing asked me to send him a pic of me topless but covering my nips. I was like maybe. Usually when I don’t wanna do something and it makes me uncomfortable I say maybe.

So I didn’t really want to send it. Later that night he asked me again and I was like no I’m tired and I feel uncomfortable. He said something along the line of “oh that’s sad I trusted you would do it for me”. Which I was like what? Even if I said yes I could change my mind.

Also he kept saying his motto is, is what people can do for him makes him think more positively about them but if they don’t do it then it’s not negative. But clearly it is because he got upset and then kept asking why i wouldn’t do it.

He started saying stuff like.... I always appreciate what people can do for me. If you have done it already I don’t see why all of the sudden it would make you uncomfortable.

He said basically I should do it for him because it shows him I will cross my line for him/I’ll do stuff for him. I told him that sounds like guilt tripping and he got mad and was like “wow I cant even tell u it makes me sad? How are we gonna communicate if I can’t tell u my feelings. I’m not guilt tripping”.

Idk what his problem is.... I feel like u can say you are uncomfortable and u don’t owe them a reason. Plus idk why he says a way to show me u really love me is to do things for me. I thought u show someone u love them by how u treat them in general. I even said sending u or not sending u a pic is not a big deal and he got mad and said it’s the principle behind it. Then he also said he didn’t want the pic for “sexual” reasons and that he just wanted to see if I would do it for him and that if he really wanted to he could just jerk off to porn and that he would rather jerk off to that.

To me I’m like wtf.... what do u guys think?