Still doesn’t seem real 😱😱😱

Samantha • Little Tink - my angel baby 👼🏻💕 rainbow baby 🌈 baby due October 2020 🌈

I found out I was pregnant at 10 DPO which made me 3 weeks & 4 days pregnant! I had my first midwife appointment at around 5 weeks and another at 6 weeks!

Now in the uk they don’t try and detect a heartbeat with a Doppler and you don’t have your first scan until around 12 weeks.

I am currently 10 weeks + 3 days and have my first scan on the 29th June.

I have told close family and my work place, but although the bloat is real and the hip, back & boob pain is unreal and then nausea is unforgettable it still hasn’t really sunk in that in pregnant!

I was hoping that my partner would be caressing my bump a bit more, but he says he doesn’t really believe it until the first scan!!

I know I’m definitely pregnant as I have taken thousands of tests each week!!

Anyone else like this?? I’m due 6th January 2019!!