6/7dpo cramping tummyache

So I'm 6 dpo according to glow and 7 according to ff I've had like a cramps tummy ache all night. Could it be inplantation cramping ? Got no bleeding, af isn't due for another 5/6 days. Cm really creamy / lotiony. Im not sure of My temperature (havent done today's yet ). But has been high since ovulation. Really not sure if its inplantation,af or just something I ate. Has anyone had this and gone on to get their bfp ?

EDIT : SO IVE JUST TOKK MY TEMPERATURE ( MY USUAL TIME ) ITS STILL GOING UP . IT WAS 36.87 (98.36) YESTERDAY AND TODAY ITS 36.95 (98.51). so us this still good ? Besides the cramping ?