The mother of your child or Girlfriend?!?!

So hear me out ladies and gentlemen. I just started thinking. What would you guys do if you were dating a man and his baby momma was going through somethings and she has some emotional and kinda mental issues. Not suicidal just her mind can wonder in a deep whole. Would you be mad or tell her to leave or have your man tell her to leave if she came over crying to him and then went to another room closed the door or walked outside. Just went some where with them out of site. Would you have a problem with him comforting her or her coming for comfort? BUT you know for sure they have nothing going on just the love for their child and mutual respect and mutual caring and a certain point of love because obviously that's that other parent of their child. Whether or not you or her had tension? You guys are in a serious relationship and he's never done anything to make you think otherwise of them having anything going on?

Ok ok let me give you some more info first. This is a hypothetical situation it is NOT ME...kinda 😂 Recently me and my daughters father has broken up and I just played out this scenario in my head. The reason I would come to him instead of my family is because I NEVER TALKED to my family with anything in my life or feelings. Never could. When he came in my life he was the first person to let me know it was ok for me to open up and it was ok for me to feel that way I feel. I would never disrespect his future relationship or anything like that for that matter. I only said if the baby mama and girlfriend had "beef" for a worst case scenario type thing. Plus I've been raped multiple occasions and he only knows that so when I panic or go in deep holes. He's been the only one to ever pull me out of those holes. As for me to talk to friends. No one knows I was raped let alone I wouldn't really say I have "friends" at this moment. However we wouldn't have anything between each other (LIKE THAT). Plus I mean I wouldn't go over for every little thing. It would be rareish if I needed his comfort.