Super Confused! 🤷‍♀️


Waiting for first O after having Mirena removed on May 13th. I *think* I O’d right around the time it came out.

Took these two on Monday, which would have been Cycle Day 16 according to Glow. (I got AF on the 27th of May)

Strongest it’s ever been with the small blue strip and digital. The Clearbue didn’t give me a smiley. And still hasn’t! Seems like the lines are fainter now when I test.

Did I just miss my LH surge window to test? I know they go up and down and are very short time frames. Do I give it a couple more days? I have been BDing over what Glow says is my fertile window.

I desperately want a smiley!!! 😂

I don’t get it! Hallllp!!!