I hate my mother.

My mom always makes everything 10x worse than it should have.

This weekend i wanted to spend a few nights at my boyfriends but I didnt have a ride, (Im 16 hes 16 too) and she said I can spend a night with her and shell drive me to his house (I dont live with her, I live with my grandparents / grandma > nana grandpa > papa) so i went and stayed the night with her and everything was fine. She offered me to smoke weed with her, i agreed , she said i would be fine, but I ended up getting “cooked” and crashed on the couch. Well, next day comes and she takes me to his house. Me and my boyfriend didnt have sex because im on my period, we just played ps4, went out to eat, went on walks, just little fun things to do . I know that a teenager shouldnt spend the night at a significant others house bc were too young n all that but i would do anything to run away from the emotional abuse at my mothers house and my grandparents house, my boyfriends house is where i feel safe the most. Well, my mom would be calling me non stop, saying “You need to come home before nana and papa find out i dont want you in trouble” And im like, “ill be okay just tell them im at amandas (best friends house, where i really dont feel safe at either , long story) please” well she said fine but today, she called me this morning saying “Your step dad is getting you now and youre going home” I said “Why? Im fine, nothing is going on and were going to the beach for fathers day” Well she freaked out on me after the call and she made me have a very bad breakdown , i cried to my boyfriends mom and everything. Me and my boyfriend could have went to a family bbq and I could have stayed ONE more night before I go off to summer school for about a month but she scared me to the point where i begged to go home so it can stop. I know im too young for any of this, but just hear me out. Here are some screenshots of what she texted me. And when she says that i couldn’t watch my brother because me and my bf were “mooching” all night, my bf and i were staying the night at her house and around 3am she leaves me and m boyfriend alone in a unsafe apartment with a 10 month old and were all dead tired. We all fell asleep and she blew up my phone saying

im a bad daughter and i cant even answer the phone, i fuck everything up, thats when i stopped seeing her but she promised shell be better when i saw her recently but she lied.

This is the second time she did this to me and Im just done. Im just so lost on everything and I dont even have a mother to look up to. She is breaking me apart..

Please dont send hate because im too young to spend the night at my boyfriends house, IM ON MY PERIOD and period sex is gross! I don’t even want sex, as i have been raped 2 times in my life and im terrified of what could happen. Im constantly living in fear because of my past and my family and my boyfriend is the only person who can make me feel safe for once..