My husband thinks I'm on my period! 😂



I tried to film his reaction but I was shaking and trying not to blow the surprise with a camera in his face! I had bought a Father's Day card for his dad and a Grad card for his brother. Once he was done writing in those, I said "oh, I have one more for you to sign.." confused, he picked up the pen, opened the card and began to try and figure out who it was for. After he starred at my words for a few moments, he said "No you are not!!! No way!." I pulled out my positive pregnancy test and a hug/tackle to the bed along with happy tears from both of us followed. Thanks for being supportive, ladies! I feel so grateful.

I thought AF was late but then I got that BFP! Just in time for Father's Day! Giving my husband this card when he gets home from work 💗