Can I be honest please?!


So lately all I’ve seen is the talk about Princess Megan and Prince Harry and Princess Kate and Prince William. And I’m super happy for them, a new marriage, a new baby.

But can I be honest about something?

When I saw for the THIRD time Princess Kate walk up out of that hospital looking like a freaking rockstar I thought

I’m sorry but that’s not how I looked. I was completely in awe of my newborn daughter but let’s loom at the difference between Princess Kate and myself, shall we?

2 days postpartum, over 40 visitors in that 48 hours, not to mention in nursing school and I had to be back at class in 2 days, swollen, bleeding, and waddling. Completely sleep deprived as I might mention!

I wonder if she had people sitting in the room who were waiting to hold her newborn while they watched her struggle to breastfeed because of an inverted nipple?! (Cough..... that was totally me...)

Shoutout to all the mamas who can rock glamour right after giving birth! He most glorious thing about mine were my new FSU slippers my husband got me for the hospital😂