People have the worst timing 😫

Why do people want to hang out all of the sudden 😣 my hubby and I moved about an hour away, and all our friends were “giving us time to settle in” I guess because no one wanted to hang out or come over.

NOW I’m almost 38 weeks and people are trying to come over this week. My FIL wants to have dinner over the weekend, and some friends of ours in the area want us to come over for dinner!

Y’all, I’m exhausted. My crotch hurts. My back hurts. No clothes fit. And literally everything gives me acid reflux. I ONLY want to hang out with my husband for the next couple weeks, leave us alone! and stop acting like you’re doing us a favor by wanting to hang out now! One of our friends canceled plans on us about a month ago, and just text me that she wants to make it up to us by coming over. I’m sorry but no. Stay out of my house, I’m not going to yours. See you in a couple months when we’re ready for visitors to see the baby.