Ok I know it’s me but can someone calm me..

So I want to start out by saying I’m like 200 lbs at 5”5 and I used to be around 310 /I was heavy. I was 214 by the time I was going into the fifth grade/ but my boyfriend, he’s my everything and he tells me I’m his. He’s very emotionally attached to me but I’ve always had this thing nagging at me saying my body isntgood enough for him or I’m disgusting I look like a flappy naked mole rat when I’m naked especially.. he follows accounts on iFunny where its a bunch of really thin girls most likely with ass implants and fake boobs and I’m nervous because I’m not that... I’ve brought it up, not about the accounts but talking about what he likes and he says he doesnt like really thin women but still... then he talks about how hard he gets looking at some of the accounts with fetishes. I’m a lot more kinky than he is but I’m just worried I’m not enough... like he deserves better? I don’t know I just needed to get this off my chest.

Here’s some pictures of me, tbh it’s just i look in the mirror all the time and I just don’t trust anyone and I start to panic and my clothes start to feel tight and I’m just a mess.

Please don’t roast me on my messy room 😂