birth story


I was 39 weeks and 1 day with my first child. i started having contractions at around 12am. i had recently had my cervix checked a few days ago and was only 2cm dialated the nurse said id at least make it to my due date so i wasnt worried thought it was braxton hicks around 4am or so i ended up in the floor i was in so much pain. i went to the bathroom and i had some bleeding so i knew this wasnt right. i woke my boyfriend up at 6am and said ur not hoing to work we are going to the hospital so we got our bags and drove to the hospital. there are two separate building of the hospital so we kepts having to drive around till we found the right place. i eventually got to where a nurse chexked me and i was 9cm. they shortly after moved me to a room. i asked for the epidural and my water hadnt broke they were gonna have to break it for me the babys head was in the way of it breaking on its own. i got the epidural around 8am. we had my boyfriends family come in before i started pushing. the dr had to deliver another baby so i had to wait till she was done. i did some practice pushing in between contractions untill she came in. a little after 11am my best friend showed up and i let her stay to watch the birth and the delivery dr came in. i pushed for 30 mins and he was out. he was perfect in every way and my so who said he wasnt gonna cut the cord actually cut the cord. Zane Michael was broke october 26th at 11:53am he weight 7lbs 2oz 19inches long. I am anemic so i lost too much blood and needed a trasfusion and did get very cold and lightheaded. but everything turned ou

t perfectly.