Sorry in advance for long post and a little too much info....Well so since a few days after Ovulation I've had sore breasts and still have to this day And all under around my armpit..OMG!!!! (9dpo) and actually they have gotten almost unbearable and fuller and more veiny and little bumps around nipples...have had mild cramping and pulling on my left side alot off and on for over a week now, had a bloody nose last night, been gassy for over a week now and have been Extremely tired ALL the time.... More frequent headaches...some heartburn....And cervix is high and closed BUT not completely soft but not really hard either....And lots of creamy chunky Cervical mucus....AF is due Thursday my birthday is Friday so hoping this ALL means something...What an awesome Birthday Present to have a BFP!!!!!This marks months of TTC....what do ya ALL think??? Had a BFN Yesterday 9 DPO