OPK test ... help please.

Hi Glow Gals!

Just became apart of the TTC community and my doctor suggested I take OP tests (sorry not sure if this is the right acronym) due to my 36 yrs in this world😬

Up until this point, I’ve monitored my period/ovulation with another app AND when I joined Glow a few weeks back I noticed my ovulation day (and conception window) were slightly different by a day.

Today I did another strip test and a finally it’s in the positive range AND as soon as I input it into Glo it altered my days to the other app’s ovulation day — tomorrow! The hubby and I just “played” last night ... should we wait another day to “lock & reload” so he’s not shooting any blanks? According to the test (and Glo) today is HIGH pregnancy BUT not the highest LH surge.