7 weeks today & MY LIFE UPDATE 😗🙏💕

Christina • TherealChristina

just re tested for reassurance on how im going to feel walking into the clinic tomorrow.

the test line was super faint plus i took it in the super center bathroom so it had horrible lighting for a picture.

I've posted about the hook effect and I'm convinced its real. Just happy to see a line still & hoping they can pick it up through urine tomorrow. I'm not sure if clinic pregnancy test are designed differently.

I'M TREMENDOUSLY BLESSED BUT SUPER FEARFUL OF THE DOCS. Ive had bad experiences. Don't want this to be another failure that's all. I've prayed to god privately everyday about the loss 5 years ago. I was convinced nothing would change but it has! See god has special plans for each of us.

I just pray me and baby make it through.

Daddy has been having a bad attitude latley. i feel as unloved as i could feel. But inside myself. More than happy for my baby.