14days and counting


so we have been trying to get pregnant been to the doctors had to tell them my menstrual cycle history i was not regular about a month ago doctors gave me birth control they said my hormones are everywhere so that would help me have my period regularly(every month) so in the month and a week now i have had my period 2 times lol the first was a full week and this last one is been 14days and counting and now idk what to think i know its cleaning or flushing out everything but 14 days is that normal ? im just a little worried because me and my fiance really want a child like can i try something else with better results i have so many questions my doctor told me its normal but i have to take birth control pills for another 1 month and 3 weeks any tips or any suggestions on what i can do to conceive faster i will be doing what my doctor told me to fix up the hormones i will finish that then i will keep on trying i feel like im trying to hard idk 😳 😞