5 weeks and 2 days

Nadine • First time mum 👶🏻

I’ve been having mild cramping on and off, then today in work I had a really bad pain in the middle of my belly, went to the loo and I got really dizzy, sweaty and actually fainted on the loo 🙈 when I came to, I had a bowl movement and the pain went. Sorted myself out and then the pain came back, as did the sweating, dizzy and bowel movement. I left work and went to the doctors straight away. BP and pulse was fine and no problems when feeling my stomach. No bleeding and the pain has totally stopped now. But I have had diarrhoea since getting home. Doctor said it was most probably an anxiety thing. But to keep an eye on pains and any bleeding if it happens. These next 6 and a half weeks are going to give me grey hairs! 😂😂