Should I be upset?

I’ve asked my boyfriend to stop talking to his ex gf from high school (we are 23 now) and he just deletes their messages. I don’t think it’s anything inappropriate that they talk about, but i don’t think it’s right that they casually talk. She has a boyfriend and 2 kids. Every time i bring up how he deletes their messages it’s “you don’t give me any privacy and that conversation was between me and her and doesn’t involve anyone else. It’s about her personal problems” he even said when he was in Ohio that “he didn’t get a chance to meet her baby” (we moved to ny to be with me) and that made me feel like shit. if he would have hung out with her in ohio i would have ended our relationship. WELL.

she just recently had her 2nd kid and he was talking to his mom about it. About how cute the baby was & how her and her bf had problems and what not. and his mom is commenting on her instagram about the baby and idk. It makes me feel like his mom would rather him be with her & i think it’s disrespectful how he still deletes their messages. I don’t want to start a fight. I don’t need him throwing the “stop going through my phone” card (we have trust issues so i don’t feel bad about it idc))

Would you be upset?