After miscarriage


It’s been 7 weeks since my dr appointment where it was confirmed that I had/having a miscarriage. I did it naturally didn’t have to have a D&C;, but it took every bit of 6weeks to quit spotting! Which was an emotional rollercoster of itself! It acted like it was letting up and gonna stop and then nope here we go again! I was just wanting to be done and over it!!! But finally a week ago I was about to call my dr to see what I needed to do and it stopped! Thank the Lord! Next thing is to see when when I’ll get my next period. I’m hoping it starts in the next two to four weeks! 🧐

We’re still gonna wait a couple of months at least so we both can do a couple of detoxes and make sure I get my periods back and they aren’t screwed up that’s my main worry now. But I’m ready to start trying again!!!