Ob receptionist telling me false information?

Maybe it’s just how they do it at that office, but have to vent...

This office I have gone to for the past two years (just literally two visits for annuals) told me this am that they don’t do bloodwork early because the bloodwork won’t pick up hcg levels. The receptionist then told me that I’m only 4 weeks, so it’s too early. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I argued with her and told her I’m having symptoms and tested pos on multiple hpts . I’m just confused because based on friends of mine and what I’ve read, hcg can be detected in blood very early. I had a friend who had a miscarriage at 4 weeks and had hcg in her bloodwork come up. I guess it’s just their office procedures. Needless to say, I won’t be going back there due to the rudeness I’ve received on multiple occasions. I then called another ob who my cousin highly recommended and he told me “no honey, we’ll get you in this week”

*update* scheduled an apptmnt at my cousins ob and I’ll be going friday. If I had waited it out at my former obs it wouldn’t have been until next Wednesday. So I feel better. I went to my obs office to release my medical records. Mind you, it was for two visits since I’ve only been there for two annuals (moved up here two years ago). So I fill the paper out and then said “I have an appointment with someone else Friday, they need them sent over by them.” They proceeded to tell me it’s $1/page of paperwork to fax over which I don’t really care since it won’t be much. Then, they said “we probably won’t have it sent by Friday it could take a month.” WHAT?! I said “ I’m pregnant and they need those records. “ they just said they’d call me when they’re sent. I’m so glad I’m out of there. ✌🏻