Am I the only one?

Just reading through lately and it had me I the only one in the group who hasn’t announced to anyone (family, friends, social media etc). I feel like most everywhere here has let family know at least and celebrated this amazing announcement. We however have not, my fiancé was not the most excited about the surprise of this baby as for us it came as a total shock just having our daughter mere months ago and having been on the pill to prevent surprises until we decided if we wanted more children. We each have a child from a previous relationship in addition to our now 8 month old so we were enjoying that. Well his son while extremely excited and thrilled about the pregnancy with our 8 month old he accidentally slipped to him the same day we had found this shocking news out and his bad attitude automatically set the tone for his son to have a not so accepting attitude about it. Other than that slip up he has not mentioned anything about it to anyone else, really doesn’t want anyone to know. So no one does. My family was negative about the pregnancy with our 8 month old because I’m high risk and they felt like this was something he “did” to me. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but in their eyes it was like he should’ve stayed across the room because I was high risk and how could he be so selfish as to have a baby with me knowing the risks I have and what that could mean. And that’s more my mom than anyone else. Now I had a great doctor and a fairly uneventful pregnancy with her and she’s a happy healthy little girl but because she’s his daughter that’s like a dark cloud over her head and my family basically just doesn’t interact with her. They would say that’s because she’s never around but when she is it’s just complaints about how fussy she is, that she’s not an easy baby, that she’s never quiet, etc (she was diagnosed with severe reflux at 4 weeks old and is on meds to help her not be in pain but she does have rough days still with it so sometime she is fussier, but still I would think you’d want to try to soothe her not complain that she’s miserable like she’s purposely trying to disrupt somehow ughh). This negativity is upsetting to me and of course to my fiancé because this attitude is simply because of the relation to him. So you can only imagine if that was and is the attitude received for her how an unplanned surprise baby this soon will go over with my side once again being high risk. I guess this time even though I was on the pill and no one was trying for a baby and how real the shock was and still is not just to us but even to my doctor but I guess they’ll swear he must be trying to kill me now or something. 🤦🏻‍♀️ it’s so ridiculous. So we haven’t told them. And his mom loves our daughter dearly and can’t get enough of her but she won’t be excited either and will be upset just because it’s so soon so he doesn’t want to tell her. And now there are medical concerns that have come up this time around referring me to perinatology to see if those fears will be confirmed or not so now he really doesn’t want to say anything. I’m like um shouldn’t we mention it because I’m almost halfway there and while I’m not showing yet if we wait much longer the baby can announce itself. He just keeps saying let’s wait another month or so. Anybody else still keeping a secret that could let itself out the bag at any moment?

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