Insecurities, I need help!

So my boyfriend and I want to have sex soon, we’ve been dating for awhile and want to go further in our relationship. Now I really do want to have sex with him but I’m so insecure about myself. It’s four major things, I feel like I’m too fat. I have surgery scars from an appendectomy and I have stretch marks with a muffin top. It’s absolutely hideous and I really wish I didn’t have those scars and had a flatter tummy or at least no muffin top. Then my boobs, they’re quite large but my nipples are literally staring at my feet. I’m scared he’s not going to like my boobs and he’ll just gross out on me. Then my double chin, It doesn’t show much but him being on top of me, he’ll see it, then if I want to ride him, my stomach and boobs is all he’ll see. :( Lastly this is super TMI but I don’t like how my vagina looks. I had a cyst problem and it scarred the base of my vagina and now its just scarred and dark. One of my girlfriends says it’s okay and he won’t care because it’s just a vagina but I’m so scared when he goes down on me, he’ll be to grossed out. I’m insecure all around. 😭 So please any tips on how to fix these things?? 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩