Incoming Freshman


I’m gonna be a freshman next year!!! I really need advice.

I want to try out for the swim team next year, but two issues.

1) I hate swimsuits because I hate how I look so I never wear tight clothes.

2) I am the least sporty person you will ever meet, I can’t run for 1 minute without dying and running out of breath.

I love swimming, but I don’t know if I really can do it.

My main high school related questions are:

How do I not get lost immediately. My school is really big. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a locker, but I’m not sure there’s even a point to it.

How do I not procrastinate? I always leave everything for the last minute.

Do grades really matter? Will my freshman year grades still be with me in my sophomore year? Will my grade at the beginning of my sophomore year be the grade I had at the end of freshman year?

I need some class recommendations, like what classes did you think were hard, easy, fun?