Who here swore that AF was coming but was actually pregnant?

Blair • Engaged 💍 Mummy to a baby boy born feb 2019. 💕

For just over a week I could have sworn that AF was coming at any minute! I felt bloated and mildly crampy... exactly like AF was coming. I was even wearing pads because I was 100% sure she was going to start.

These symptoms stopped a couple days ago. And AF still hasn’t come, I am 5 days late, onto CD37.

I have been one week late before, tested negative and ended up with AF, but at the time I didn’t feel AF symptoms until she made an appearance. Also we weren’t TTC back then.

However this is month 2 of TTC. I am going to test tomorrow morning. I really hope its positive, not just my body playing tricks on me.

Did anyone else feel like AF was definitely coming but ended up with a BFP?