Formula feeding guilt?? Please help

Kourtney • Baby #1 Born 6/8/18 💕

I went into giving birth saying if breastfeeding was too painful (I have super sensitive nipples) I was going to not do it. I was determined that me being well rested, less stressed, in less pain, and happier was more important to my baby. I also knew that with my job It would be very hard to pump so I was going to at least supplement by 7 weeks anyways. My family was all formula fed and so was my husbands. I know that formula is great too and have nothing against it. I tried it in the hospital and my sensitive nipples along with my baby having an “extremely strong suck” according to the lactation consultant resulted in a lot of pain for me. I tried a nipple shield and it was still very painful though not as bad. We formula fed the first night and I figured I would make a decision the next morning. The next morning I decided to call it quits and stick with formula.

My baby is now 10 days old. He’s doing amazing and regained his birth weight by his first appointment. He is a great eater and a great sleeper. I love that my husband can help feed him during the day and at night. I went through engorgement that thankfully wasn’t that painful. However my nipples have started leaking even more. And suddenly I’m having a lot of guilt about my choice. I start to wonder if I should’ve tried harder/longer to make it work.

I know I can’t go back now. But has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me I’m not alone.