I found my biological father


So my mom meet my bio dad when she was 22 years old, they weren’t together that long when she got pregnant with me maybe about six months.. so of course she tells him and he proceeds to tell her he’s engaged and she must get a abortion and wasn’t until 2 years later.. then he wants to be in my life so my mom gives him a chance and let’s him become a part of my life.. so he tells his family about me and introduces me and then leaves me yet again. My mother has always told me the truth about my bio dad, and I’ve always wondered about him especially since I’m a mother now.. I just cannot fathom abandoning my own flesh in blood. So I start looking around Facebook and find his ex wife and she proceeds to tell me that no one in his family new about me and neither did she. In my whole life I’ve had ONE picture of him and in this picture you can only see half of his face.. so I don’t even know what he looks like so his ex wife send me a picture and I felt such a sense of relief just seeing what he looks like. So she says she got ahold of sister and apparently she knew but didn’t believe my mother. Honestly I don’t know if I want his contact information, I think the picture is good enough just to know what he looks like because if he went though so much trouble to keep me hidden then I guess I should stay that way I don’t want to feel anymore unwanted then I’ve already felt in the last 22 years. So guess I need some advice, has anyone else been though a similar situation, what did you do? Should I leave it as it is or should I get his information and speak up?