SOS: Condom found!!!!

So the other day, my boyfriend of 3 years and I finally decided to have sex. When we first started dating i was 16 and he was 18, and he respectfully decided to wait for me to be ready when i was. We ended up becoming long distance because of college. But still continued to date one another - I’m now 19 and he’s 21. I had always been super nervous about having sex before and I had been ready to have it the past year and half - but the timing was always wrong for us. But, recently one night as we were making our way onto having sex things were getting pretty heated between me and bf. And we finally had the perfect timing - he put on the condom. Yet persisted to ask me if i was really ready. Cudos to him for asking me but it only made me more anxious about it - causing me to back out. But my dumb self stored the “not so used” condom in the condom wrapper under my bed. And the other night I’m 99.99% sure my father found it. I have no idea what to do. My father is a very passive aggressive man who intimidates me extremely. Please help me.