Positive and negative tests

Anna • Neonatal RN 💜 🌈

Hello! So I've had two positive tests ( one was a sensitive hospital one) and two negatives

Positive on Friday morning

Negative Saturday morning

Positive urine Sunday morning - the hospital one, and a HCG of less than 1 on the blood test

I went to the clinic yesterday (Monday) to try get my nexplanon implant out (took 40 minutes of digging around half numbed and it's still in my arm 😭) and they did a test too, which was negative. But it was after 5pm

The nurse who did it was saying that my positives could have been dodgy tests, and given false positives, but everything I've read says that false positives are rare. I mean, what are the chances of me picking up and taking two different brands of dodgy tests? I'm really confused

Despite not planning this, I've come to terms with it and had started making plans to make it work, started taking folic acid, swapped to decaf tea and coffee. But these negative results are making me think that maybe I'm about to miscarry again (first one was Feb '16) and I'm understandably worried

I'm going for another blood test today to see if my levels have gone up, I'm really hoping they have.

Has anyone else had a false positive test? Or know anything about how common they are? Or has anyone got any advice, please, I'm really quite worried about this xx