I hate this woman

If you would meet her you'd think she's sweet, loves her grandchildren and would help anyone. Well that's what I thought in the very beginning. She's Christian and I'm not religious. That's fine with me, most of my family are Christian. Well she HATED that I'm not. Her son and I started living together and was forced to get married because that's what was "right". I didn't even get to have a wedding 😔. Her daughter had children and they are everything to her. I liked that about her until her son and I had children together. She refused to even say that out first was her son's the first year of our first child's life. I was asked to do a DNA test, "are you sure it's his"? So much more. yet I sucked it up. Now with her daughter's children she did everything from birth, not their own actual mother. yet that's not me! I take cares of my children's ever need. She just had to be the grandmother. over the years ive been disrespected and hurt by her in almost every way. I sucked it up. 3rd child that I'm pregnant with and having complications and if it were not to get any better or if it were to get worse it could mean life or death with the baby and pregnant with. I asked her to help if it got to that point. Not for me but the children we have now and the one in my stomach. Well that's not happening. Her other grandchildren are more important, trip out of town, camping.... is more important than any of us. as she made very clear. So much after so many years. this is my breaking point and I can't take it. this woman is horrible to me and not someone I want my children around. She doesn't like me at all and all ive done is not believe in her religion and I actually take care of my own children. I have went off on her once because how she has treated me and my children seem to be nothing to her.Its my husband's mom and ive tried so hard. Now I want nothing to do with her and I don't want her around my children. is it wrong for me to cut her out completely? not like my children actually know her but that's on her not me. I tried!