Better late than never


I was 41+3 when I finally went in to get induced, 5/30 at 7:30am. after getting settled in to our room, they started my antibiotics at 8:45am (gbs positive) since I am allergic to the usual antibiotics they give I had to have a different kind,which isn't as effective as the regular antibiotics. at 9am they started the pitocin,I had been getting contractions since the night before so my labor went quick. by 12 my water broke on it's own, it wasn't a full 4 hours of antibiotics, but close enough. I was checked, at 12:40, to see how dialated I was, 5cm.I started getting bad back labor at 1pm,so I sat on the birthing ball, it only made it worse,then came the urge to push, I was checked again and was at 8cm. I asked for an epidural because the pain was unbearable at this point. I got my epidural in around 2pm, right after the doctor came in and said that my daughter's heart rate dropped to low 40's and wasn't going up. She was low enough for me to push,I got ready to push while the doctor explained she was going to use a vacuum to help. I could see the monitor and watched my daughter's heart rate plunge into the 20's. I pushed 5 pushes and had her out,the doctor didn't need to use the vacuum. Fast forward to the day we were getting ready to leave, her glucose levels dropped and wouldn't rise even after nursing and giving her supplemental formula. Her blood work showed she had an infection that was causing her platelets,heart rate,pulse ox, and resps to all drop. We stayed an extra 3 days while she had heavy doses of antibiotics to clear up the infection. The doctor believes that the antibiotics I had during labor for the gbs didn't work effectively and that the gbs was passed to her. She is perfectly fine now gaining weight and thriving!


she lost 6 ounces in the hospital and didn't gain much back so I did supplemental formula after nursing to boost her weight. she gained 14ounces in 6 days, today weighing in at 9lbs 3 weeks tomorrow