Confidence ruined by baby daddy...

sneakzjr23 • 💕♥️Mommy of two💕♥️

So lately every time my boyfriend gets mad at me he always yells and calls me “a stupid fat c*nt” he’s quitting smoking marijuana and says that’s the reason he’s so grumpy and that he only says those things because he knows it will hurt me but he doesn’t really think that about me . Thing is ... he keeps calling me names every single time we argue. I’m always a “stupid fat annoying as* c*unt”

It’s honestly starting to wear on me. I’m trying my hardest to be supportive of him but he’s being so mean to me and screaming at me in front of our 18 month old.

I broke down and cried today ... because I feel like he hates me . I feel like I’m unattractive to him and that’s why he calls me names. I even made it a point to keep my shirt on last night when we had sex because I don’t feel sexy to him anymore and didn’t want him to see my belly.

I’m usually stronger than this but these pregnancy hormones are bringing me down :(

( almost 8 weeks with our second)

Just had to vent ....