Awkward date

Okay so I’m not the most popular girl in my class. I’m fun around my friends but when I’m with others I just loose my confidence and get all shy and quiet anyway yesterday was my grade 8 graduation and I really like this boy, I have for a pretty long time now and my friends were convincing me to tell him. When I finally worked myself up to it he had already told left. I thought that that I had blew my last chance. This morning when I was sitting in bed on instagram I out of no where texted him saying “I know this is pretty useless now but I like you a lot” he didn’t respond for about 3 hours so I thought he deleted the app but then I got a message on my phone from him saying “do you want to hang out sometime?” I was with my friend at the time and made her read it I was obviously screaming and jumping around. “When?” I responded he said “ are you free Monday we could see a movie or something. Anyway so we are going to the movies this Monday And I am so scared that I am going to be awkward and ruin it please help!