Chances of conceiving with PCOS

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Hello ladies,

So I need some advice I just found out I had PCOS after 4 years of it being in my charts at the doctors no one ever told me about it until like 2 months ago and since then I’ve been very depressed. I’ve wanted to start a family since I was like 18 years old and now I have this “thing” that is making it very difficult to conceive. I’ve seen some success stories about women conceiving will having PCOS but I want to hear your personal stories to give me hope.

I had two miscarriages about 2 years ago (from a previous relationship) and just started on and off ttc with my boyfriend 2-3 months ago. This week is my fertile week and I ovulate on Sunday according to my glow chart. So what are my chances of getting pregnant if I’ve BD 1-2 times everyday since last Sunday?