Birthday surprise

I’m at work today and my boyfriend hasn’t wished me happy birthday at all but we are celebrating my birthday at work with a cake just right after winning over a major client. Afterwards I asked my boss if I could take an early leave because it was a slow day at the office and he told me “enjoy tomorrow is going to be busier.” So I called a cab and went home.

When I reached home I heard movement behind the door as I shuffled through my handbag for keys I was questioning if my boyfriend threw a surprise party or something because I hate surprises. In that moment millions of thoughts ran threw my head. I opened a door and...

I was welcomed to a path of roses into the kitchen where I found a bottle of rosé and a note the note told me to go to my closet and wear what is laid out on the chair as I was walking I saw roses filled in the tub my heart was pounding. I wore a white see through lace lingerie set with these and I came out from my closet into the bathroom straight to the bedroom and was in awe of the setting roses all over the bed the dimmed lighting of the candles and then my boyfriend mysteriously walks behind me and grabs my waist as he slightly pinches me from behind. My body is tingling through my back to my fingertips I feel my self getting wetter he starts kissing my neck and biting my ear as his hands slowly ride up my sides then come towards my breast as he massages them for a while. He starts kissing my back as his hands ride down me straight into my panties he starts rubbing me with his left hand while he works his right hand up my waist to my breast to massage them some more. I stop him as I walk closer to the bed slowly and he smiles with his very sweet smile and follows. We starting making out slowly with one hand around my waist and one touching my face then he pushes me down into the bed the rose petals bounced up a little he took a rose and teased me running it over my facedown my chest tickling my belly for a while. He then slowly took off my panties with his mouth he put a finger in and said, “someone’s feeling naughty” he fingered me some more as he started to kiss me and I responded with a soft “mmhm” he then grabbed my legs and flipped me over and ate me out so good I could feel him breathing on me as he stuck his tongue into me and I let out a soft moan and some squeals of pleasure. He then grabbed me by my waist and flipped me over again as he started kissing me there again and rode up to my face as he tugged at my brallette revealing my breast and sucked them and kissed them like crazy. He started kissing me down to my stomach when my hands ride down because it tickled so much then he forced my arms up over my head I sensed him growing slightly dominant and he asked me if I was ready for it and I let out a soft “yes” I rose up to undo his boxers while he kissed my shoulders and hugged me with his arms around my back and then he grabbed at the bottom of my brallette and pulled it up over my head. He got on top of as he slowly went inside me I gasped from the pain he knew that I could feel how tight i was. I’m so petite and he is super tall I kept yelping and gasping and moaning from the pain it felt good but hurt so bad. I had my legs wrapped around him and my arms around his back I could feel it hurting I felt him stare at my face to see my expressions I kept biting my lip to stop my self from screaming. While I was wrapped around him like a monkey he was going in and out of me I felt it quite a bit I think I was growing numb because it was all in the moment he started getting faster and faster I started taking deeper breaths he got even harder and I couldn’t hell but let out some screams then he shrugged my arms off him and pinned me with my arms power my head staying there I couldn’t move or go anywhere except for move my legs he got slower but even harder it was such a slow pace I started moaning so much and then I felt my self dripping wet I knew I had an orgasm as I came but he kept going then lifted my upper body with one arm and put his arms around me as he pounded the shit out of me it hurt so bad I think I let out a few tears. I told him “I want you to do me till I can’t feel my legs or walk for the rest of the day so he paused for a moment and put my legs in a straddle it hurt but felt good he went inside me again this time his arms behind my knees holding fly legs in place at this point my vagina was already numb enough to where I couldn’t feel him anymore but I could feel the pressure. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him closer as he whispered I think I’m finished and I said, “I want you to do it inside of me” and I took a moment of deep breaths then continued, “I want to feel your warm self inside of me” and as I said that he came inside of me while I let out a few scream of pleasure and at the end he said “happy birthday sweetheart” as he picked me up with my legs wrapped round him and I kept my arms wrapped around his neck and took me to the petalled bathtub. We shared that bottle of rosé from earlier with wine glasses in the tub as I had left all my worries at the door step with a clear and aroused thoguht has ran through my head