Anyone else in the panic/cautious phase?


We lost our first pregnancy at the end of March at 10 weeks after a crazy first trimester. At 6 weeks I was bleeding so bad they told me I was miscarrying, during the confirmation ultrasound they found the heartbeat and told me I was “safe”. Then at 10 weeks they couldn’t find the heartbeat on the Doppler and confirmed we’d lost the baby a week earlier.

I’m trying to focus on just getting through mini milestones but man is it hard. I have an ultrasound in 2 weeks when I’ll be 6 w 3 d for a heartbeat check but I don’t even know if that’ll help ease the stress, since we’ve been there before.

Long story short, I’m glad this app and support system exists, it’s nice not to feel so alone during such a stressful (and exciting even though I’m trying not to get my hopes up) time. 💜💜