should I ?

I had this really good guy friend who always told me he was in love me and wanted to marry me and stuff like that and I told maybe we would try when I was ready, i didn't want to ruin our friendship, so after about a year, he kinda gave up, started dating other girls and being kind of a dick to me. I was trying to figure out what changed between us and he was like "shit changes" so I was really confused, and I mentioned last night that I wanted to take a lot of sleeping pills so that I wouldn't wake up, and his response was "it's your life, so what you want" and I started crying, he used to care so much, what happened??? I want to ask him why he doesn't care if I die or not but I'm scared. what should I do? And tbh I could care less if he just didn't feel that way about me anymore, I just want my friend back.