I’m getting aggravated :(


Ok so here’s the deal. I started getting faint positive FR tests 5 days ago. So I decided to get a different brand and those are faint positive as well. I will only use red dye tests as I don’t trust blue dyes. My period is still 5 days away. I took a digital Test last night and it was negative. I can’t seem to hold my pee longer than a few hours for a good hold. And FMU is out of the question bc I’m now getting up every 2 hours to pee. So I’ve been taking the tests thru out the day. Now all of these tests pics were taken within 10-15 min after the test was taken and the lines show up within the first few minutes. The fact that I’m still getting faint lines is keeping me going. But the fact that they aren’t getting darker is really concerning me :( I think I’ve had a chemical pregnancy before but usually the test goes neg pretty quickly after the positive. Usually a day or two. This time I’m going on 6 days of faint positive. There’s no way I could have that many faulty tests is there? My girlfriend told me there so faint bc it’s not fmu and it’d be hard to get a BFP without a good hold. Could this be just an early caught pregnancy? And eventually the line will get darker? Or definitely a chemical pregnancy? Or I’m flat out nuts lol. And wasting our money lol could I still have a good healthy pregnancy? Did any of you have faint positive until your period was due and bammm? Or just light tests the whole pregnancy? Help! I feel so confused and hate not knowing what’s going on. I want to wait till I’m at least due for AF to make a doctor appointment to get blood work but this is driving me insane :( help! What do y’all think? :( the FR test i just took. 2 hour hold. The other test is two days ago, different brand. Help me!

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