I️m hurt ☹️😭

Lastnight right before we were going to have sex my bf told me he wasn’t sexually attracted to me anymore but he still wants to be with me and I️ asked him if he was into guys now and he got really mad then I️ asked if there was someone else and he told me no unlocked his phone and threw I️t at me . I️t hit me in the head and I️t hurt and I️ just started crying , I️ don’t even think I️t was from the phone hitting me but when I️t his me he came over to me apologized and tried to hold me . I️ took his phone and locked myself in the bathroom. There was no messages but there was a number saved as cherry 🍒💦 he called the other night for 15 min . And in his web history was a lot of porn. We been together 2 Years and lately we’ve only had sex maybe 10 times a month . I️ unlock the door and he comes in and sits on the toilet and says I️ know u have questions but I️ don’t have answers for you and I️ ask who’s cherry and he’s like a girl he has phone sex with but never in person . I️ didn’t have I️t in me to call her to verify that . I️ told him to get out . He leaves but doesn’t leave the house and slept on the couch . When I️ woke there was a letter at the foot of the bed with a written apology and a 100$ bill . He basically said there’s nothing wrong with me and he appreciates that I️ keep my nails toes and hair done and that I️m beautiful without makeup and my body is toned but he wants to try something else and the way he told me wasn’t the way to go about I️t and he should’ve told me sooner but he doesn’t want to loose me blah blah .....I️ txt him what he said hurt and Sorry I️ didn’t have a big ass to go with my big titts and for him to stay away from me but not to far so he can have a good view of the next man appreciating what he lost ....,

2 yrs down the drain. Love sucks.