I got groped 😣

Princess Consuela Bananahamock • Proud first time mom☺

So yesterday my husband, me and my father in law went to a party of a really good friend of ours in his house. When we got there some people were already drunk and stuff, thus guys was out of his mind and was making me very uncomfortable. Well out of nowhere he comes behind me and grabs my boob, I froze and just moved his arm, my husband immediately grabs me and takes me outside and tells me we are leaving, that he's not gonna punch him cause he respects the house of our friend l, my father in law went inside and confronted the guy well he ended up with a busted nose. Our friend came and asked what happened and I told him he groped me and he said ok that's all I need to hear. He ended up getting kicked out and I was crying cause i felt violated.He was apparently groping all the girls in the party and it's not the first time it has happened. I feel like I should've slapped him but I froze. Btw nor me or my husband were drinking we were sober. Sorry but I needed to rant.